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Objects & Rituals | Senses & Memories
MA Design - Jeweller
y & Metalwork - Sheffield Hallam University
Module 2 - Creative Design & Positionality 

These projects have been written in response to the second module design brief - Creative Design and Positionality.


Part 1 - 'Objects and Rituals,' explores the origin and definition of objects and how they can be used in a ritualised or ceremonial setting.

The brief stated that students should design and make a functional, decorative or ceremonial object which could be used and valued whilst simultaneously challenging it's user's daily life. The object designed should also create space in which a new ritual could be established.

Part 2 - ‘Explorative Project Brief’ students were required to select a theme in which their creative discipline could be voiced. My research began by drawing upon topics I briefly looked into from part one, with the main body of research centring around why we collect, the influence on the senses and how this affects memory, different types of memory and their biases, and attachment theory.

Concluding this project as a whole, I have been led to understand individual relationships with objects and why we really collect them.


It has become apparent to me that I am more sentimental than I first realised, caring profoundly about the preservation of good memories and the abolition of the bad ones. My designs are underpinned by the recurring theme of self-help – aiding the user in times of need. The physical, mental and emotional symptoms associated with ill health can be terrifying. Being able to access sensory grounding through accessories that we wear can act as that caring hand we often need to reach out to.

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