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Sterling Silver Blue/Green Pear Cut Sapphire Toi et Moi Engagement Ring

Jason & Rachel - 05/2024

Rachel came to me asking for a completely unique engagement ring. She wanted something to represent her childhood sweetheart relationship with Jason, with diamond alternatives and something to represent their 4 children. 

Of course, I chose a Toi et Moi ring. Translating to 'You & Me' in French, this ring style is the classic romantic gesture. The two centre stones are pear cut blue/green Sapphires, accented by Blue Garnet, Alexandrite, Sapphire and Blue Topaz, all to represent the couples children by birthstone.

9ct White Gold Australian Opal & Diamond Engagement Ring

Kyle & Kayleigh - 05/2024

Kayleigh is one of my best friends, so you can imagine the excitement I felt when I received a message from her beau Kyle, that he needed a ring because he wanted to ask her to marry him.

Kayleigh is absolutely besotted with Opals, and after many hypothetical discussions amongst Kayleigh, Sarah and Myself, she made it clear that an Opal was a Must have for her future engagement ring.


I chose an Australian opal due to their hardiness compared to other opals, and set the stone in a hybrid claw/bezel setting to show off as much of the colour play as possible whilst simultaneously offering as much protection as I could from future knocks and taps. I accented the central stone with 4 icy white diamonds to add a little extra sparkle, and dipped the 9ct White Gold ring in Rhodium to make the whole piece dazzle in the daylight.

9ct White Gold Multi-stone Engagement, Wedding & Eternity band set

Matt & Robyn - 11/2023

Robyn had a collection of jewellery and loose stones which she had inherited and wanted to recycle into a trio of rings for her big day. 

The central oval sapphire in the engagement ring was faceted by her grandfather in the early 90's, accompanied with two round peridots. 

Both the wedding and eternity bands feature some strikingly vivid rubies and brilliant cut diamonds, all recycled from the jewellery that her mother once wore. 

9ct White Gold Csarite & Emerald Enchanted Rose Inspired Engagement Ring

Matt & Kelsey - 08/2023

A discreet commission months in the making - I worked closely with Matt to create the perfect ring for his partner Kelsey. She's a huge fan of Disney - and with her favourite princess being Belle from Beauty & the Beast, I couldn't help myself and had to pluck my inspiration from the Enchanted Rose.

The couple prefer the unconventional and opted for an alternative central stone, for which I suggested a Csarite. These gorgeous stones change colour depending on the light shining on them - from pastel green in daylight to pastel pink in candle light.  


Matt also wanted me to feature his future brides favourite colour green in the design, which naturally lent itself to a duo of pear cut emeralds to signify leaves either side of the rose.

The whole design was made in solid 9ct White Gold, dipped in Rhodium and displayed in the perfect Glass Dome display box. What a Beauty! 

9ct White Gold
Green Sapphire & Whitby Jet Engagement Ring

Joel & Ellie-Jay - 03/2023

Commissions like this from friends make me feel like a fairy god mother! 

Joel came to me as a bundle of excitement and asked if I could make an engagement ring for his bride to be, Ellie-Jay. 


Joel liked the idea of a Trilogy Ring, and asked for a green stone for the centre as this is Ellie's favourite colour. 

I accented the centre stone with some Whitby Jet, a little nod to the bride to be's inner goth, all positioned on a comfort fit shank with narrow, high profile shoulders. 

The ring was presented in a large rosewood box - with a light in the lid, of course!