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Curating the Collected.
 Jewellery made using collected objects.

Stress is a familiar feeling but is difficult for many of us to discuss. Jewellery is a means of expressing complex emotions and can also act as a catalyst for conversations with others when displayed on the body. These conversations can provide people with a way to discuss complex feelings such as stress and in turn alleviate the feelings of stress.

For her MA project, Hayley has used auto-ethnography to create a series of jewellery comprised of personally collected objects, aiming to portray the feeling of stress weighing you down and providing a means to spark conversation about these feelings. 


The Hartorium Motif.
Jewellery inspired by stag antlers.

The Hartorium motif arrived shortly after the creation of the brand. 

'Hartorium' is an abbreviation of 'Hayley's Art Emporium' which collates the interdisciplinary 
practices of the artist allowing them to co-exsist under the same name. 

Hart is an archaic word for 'stag', used in medieval times to describe a deer stag more than five years old. This is where the use of deer antlers became the brands motif. 

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