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Lithocasts by Hartorium®

Please note that Lithocasts are registered as intellectual property under the Hartorium trademark. this unique design process must not be reproduced and resold.          Trademarked Hartorium 2021

Lithocasts are an innovative way of creating art jewellery produced by Hartorium in early 2021. Their appearance is comprised of 3Dimensional images which are cast into fine metals. The process is deliberately disrupted to give each piece an antiqued effect, creating a unique piece each time. 

Many photographs can be used, whatever their age, allowing memories to be immortalised by cementing them in their time and space. 

Commissions will be taken soon - Please see the Shop tab for more info. 

The Hartorium Motif

Ongoing Project

The Hartorium motif arrived shortly after the creation of the brand. 

'Hartorium' is an abbreviation of 'Hayley's Art Emporium' which collates the interdisciplinary 
practices of the artist allowing them to co-exsist under the same name. 

Hart is an archaic word for 'stag', used in medieval times to describe a deer stag more than five years old. This is where the use of deer antlers became the brands motif. 

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