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In memory of Sumo

My partners parents, Amanda and Khaled, lost their gorgeous boy Sumo in the summer of 2022. 

We feel like we lose a limb when we lose our pets. I made a Lithocast keyring for Khaled and a Lithocast Necklace for Amanda, using some iconic photos of him.

Rest easy Sumo.


In memory of Sally & James

A Lithocast Keyring for one of my best friends Sarah in memory of her Grandparents Sally & James. The photograph features the couple on their wedding day. 


In memory of Ron

A lithocast necklace I made for my lovely friend Wendy after the loss of her husband Ron. The photo is of the couple on their Wedding Day.

In memory of Leigh

I made a couple of Lithocast pendants using a couple of family photos for my gorgeous friends Barbara and Danielle after the terrible loss of their Son and Brother, Leigh. 

Leigh took his own life in 2018. The family now regularly riases funds for Any's Man Club in his memory. 

To anyone who needs to hear - You are not alone. It's okay to talk.

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