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Just because you can't see something doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

06/06/2017 - HND - Final Major Project.

The problem with mental illness is that it’s invisible.
A lot of people think because it’s an illness of our brains, we can simply change our minds about it.
This project helps to visualise the invisible.
By juxtaposing a portrait photograph with an unreadable but literal waveform of each sitter’s voice, articulating their understanding of mental health issues.
This allows the viewer to look at each photograph and know that the sitter said something, but only the sitter knows what their waveform reads.
Just like when you are walking down the street.
Everyone you walk past has something going on in their minds, but you have absolutely no idea what they’re thinking.


01/02/2020 - Promotional Photoshoot

A Charismatic trio of school friends, these guys introduced me to the Math Rock scene.

This shoot was a flip side to the gig photography I'm familiar with. Whilst still working closely with the band, this shoot was more meditated and controlled,  allowing me to get more candid shots of the lads. 



The Walk to Dunkirk